Monday, January 3, 2011

VCD- "Up in the Air" film title

Computer as Motion Tool (Caroline Young)
Fall 2010
My first attempt in using Adobe AfterEffects. The assignment was to make a film title for a motion picture that features at least 8 titles. I chose one of my favorite movies, Up in the Air, which features George Clooney as Ryan Bingham, who makes a living traveling to workplaces around the US, and conducting layoffs for bosses who are too cowardly to do it themselves. He promotes the virtues of a life, free of relationships with people and things through motivational speeches.
Since Ryan Bingham is always travelling, I focused on the carry-on suitcase for business travel. The opening credits goes in and out of a suitcase with titles superimposed on credit cards, travelers cards, clothing tags and personal hygiene items etc. The music I used is "Security Ballet" by Rolfe Kent to give a light feel while expressing Bingham's confident and effective personality.

"Up in the Air" film title from Elaine Li on Vimeo.
(password: lielaine)

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