Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PH- Got rice? (2009)

This is a parody advertisement I did for Research Studio II. It features myself as the selected celebrity for the got rice campaign. Would an Asian version of the 'Got Milk' campaign look like this? Why do we recognize the milk/rice mustache? This piece not only explores Asian community in American context, but also the effect advertising has on the general population. We are surrounded by advertisements, and are influenced by them unconsciously. The mustache is such an icon of this ad that it has already been embedded in our heads. After completing this work, I found there was indeed a Got Rice campaign by Asian American youth in the 90s.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

PH- Male leaders (2009)

'Male leaders' self-portraits (2009)
Six 14X11 in archival inkjet prints

Looking at Portraits of Power by Platon from The New Yorker, I noticed that out of 50 world leaders, only four are women. This inspired me, as a female, to create a series of self-portraits, dressed up as prominent male leaders from the past and present around the world. My initial approach was to use wigs and make-up, but due to limited resources, I completed the series through digital imaging.

Mao Z. D.

R. Mugabe

Dalai Lama

B. Obama

Kim J. L.

'M. Ahmadinejad' is available for viewing upon request.

Friday, November 27, 2009

MISC- FYP: Alter Ego

Project for Research Studio II
Celebrity Lily King(full series)
Inkjet prints on various magazine

In this project, we had to choose an alter-ego, mine being a celebrity. The magazine covers show the variety of things that celebrities do, and how glamorous they appear. The paparazzi tabloid and video interview shows the negative side of being a celebrity, and the stupidity of some famous young stars, how brainless they are.

Credits: Barcodes, Canon, EOS Digital, Dr. Martens, Got Rice?, Parental Advisory, Sony Music logos from

Saturday, April 18, 2009

MISC- FYP: Pine wood

FYP: Pine wood assignment - return to nature

Hand carved commercial pine wood